Thursday, July 19, 2012

Final Vote: Let's Make A Rural Arts And Culture Map

Screenshot of projects already logged into The Rural Arts and Culture Map

Please consider casting your vote for The Rural Arts and Culture Map proposal within the Rural Digital Advocacy Grant crowd-source competition. Voting takes about 10 seconds and requires no login or user information. Today is the final day of voting.

Folks, we coming up on the last day of the crowd-source competition -- and all of us at Art of the Rural would like to thank the individuals and organizations who have voted to support this work and who have shared it with their friends and colleagues. Many thanks also to our collaborators at Appalshop, Feral Arts, and the M12 art collective.

Today we're asking folks who may not have had a chance yet to vote or share this project to consider our proposal, and its accompanying video, which can be reviewed here. For the duration of this voting period, we are opening for public view the Rural Art and Culture Map project -- which will debut in a more developed form in a few weeks. 

In correspondence with Mark Lynn Ferguson of The Revivalist, I was asked how I would break down the necessity and the promise of this proposal into the simplest terms. Here's a few points:

• This map is 100% participatory. Rural people, and their urban advocates, drive this project.

Art of the Rural will also collaborate with artists, writers, bloggers, and a host of organizations to create partnerships and increase the community within the Map project.

• PlaceStories is a gorgeous and infinitely resourceful mapping platform. We can post music, video, interviews, images, discussions, and documents -- as well as their handy "postcard" storytelling options.

• PlaceStories enables the Map, and its parts, to be embedded on other sites. With this, the Map becomes a vehicle for new connections.

• This is a great resource but, even more so, a place for people to meet and share ideas, a powerful metaphor for all kinds of campaigns to increase visibility and support for rural people.

• Plain and simple: contributing to a PlaceStories project is fun and immediately gratifying.

For a more detailed description of the process, please see our previous introduction to The Rural Arts and Culture Map and the crowd-source campaign. Here's our introduction to the project; for full image/sound credits please follow the vimeo link: