Saturday, January 1, 2011

To The New Year

J R's House Outside Tuba City; from Jetsonorama's Yo Mama! blog

Happy New Year! Thanks to everyone who read and participated in the making of The Art of the Rural in 2010. Twelve months ago I began this site to document a personal odyssey of sorts; I am so thankful to have found, through this process, such a diverse gathering of folks creating such amazing work. You all have had a profound effect on my thinking about the arts and community--and their interconnected future. I'm looking forward to building upon all of this inspiration in the new year.

The above photo is a recent wheat-paste installation by Jetsonorama, who we wrote about in April and August of last year. On a rainy new year's in the Ohio Valley, this is a more beatific expression of my thanks and my optimism for 2011.