Thursday, June 16, 2011

Creating An Open Canon Of The Rural Arts

photograph by Carlos A Varela

We plan to soon announce some exciting new additions and changes to the mission and practice of The Art of the Rural, as we reconsider how this site can be a resource for its readers. One of the major components to the work we are looking to accomplish is the creation of what we're calling an "open canon" of the rural arts--a compendium of artists, writers, organizations and media outlets that will be highlighted most prominently in our Rural Arts Links.

The idea of an "open canon" of the rural arts is based on the notion that those of us who want a fuller, more three-dimensional, vision of the scope of the rural arts can work together to craft a resource that can offer both the historical achievements of rural artists as well as the contemporary dynamics of rural art-making. 

We believe that, together, can use a Web 2.0 approach to join in the voices advocating for a new place for the rural arts--and we'd like to invite all of our readers to help participate in this work. 

Over the next few weeks we are looking to update The Rural Arts Links, and we would value any input our readers might be willing to offer. What is missing from this list? What artists, organizations, issues have we failed to include within the Links or within the content of the site itself? We'd love to hear your suggestions and feedback. Please send an email to or reply in the comments section of the Rural Arts Links.

Thanks again for reading The Art of the Rural