Friday, March 12, 2010

Tobacco-Cutting in Kentucky

As mentioned before, anyone concerned with rural issues owes a huge debt to The Daily Yonder and The Rural Blog. From the latter comes this news of photographer David Stephenson:
Pictures of the Year International has honored David Stephenson,  Kentucky Kernel photo adviser and former Lexington Herald-Leader photographer, with first place in its "News story - multimedia" category for 2009. The winning project, "Cutting through the competition," below, is a multimedia report by Stephenson and Herald-Leader reporter Amy Wilson about a tobacco-cutting contest in a state that no longer relies on the crop. It originated from their preparation for Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues seminars in October about storytelling.
Mr. Stephenson is able to, in a few minutes of film, both tell a story and to present the landscape and community in a breathtaking visual form. Here's his film, produced with Amy Wilson:

Cutting Through the Competition from David Stephenson on Vimeo.