Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Carter Family Comics: Don't Forget This Song

selection from Don't Forget This Song

Last week we posted information on our Facebook page about Don't Forget This Song, a graphic novel currently in production that considers the life and music of The Carter Family. Today I want to make sure folks who don't use that social media outlet are also brought up to speed on this exciting project. 

Don't Forget This Song is a collaboration between comic book artist David Lasky and writer and music scholar Frank M. Young; they've established a Kickstarter campaign to spread the word and help with the costs in producing this book. I encourage folks to visit their project page, as they are offering ways for their audience to help support their work while also receiving one-of-a-kind pieces of art from the project. Here's their introduction:
We're at work on Don't Forget This Song, a 192-page full color graphic novel biography of the first family of country music-- The Carter Family. The story of their career is every bit as remarkable as their music. We have wanted to create a graphic novel about the Carters for almost a decade.
We found a great publisher for the project—Abrams Books. In 2008, we were given an advance of about $5,000 each to start work on the project. Those funds saw us through the first year of the work.
Our goal is to complete this project by the end of 2011. We’re asking for your help so that we can work full-time on the finalization of this graphic novel. Don't Forget This Song is our dream project, and with your help, we can realize this dream.

Mr. Lasky and Young also host a project blog that documents the various stages of the process, from finished pages to storyboards -- an extraordinary look into the various stages that an idea travels through before the images and ink stand fully composed on the page. 

Many thanks to Beth Harrington for leading me to Don't Forget This Song. She is working on her own exciting forthcoming Carter Family-related project, the documentary The Winding Stream,  and folks can read an interview Ms. Harrington conducted with David Lasky by following the link. 

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